Saturday, February 5, 2011

My new RL Summer DB

Hi There, I just finished shopping and wanted to share my new Ralph Lauren DB with you.

Slatwall Storage (the new closet)

Sometimes you find something new and genius and you are just forced to share it with others. Today I found something like that. I was surfing on the internet for a new closet and at the same time I was having some of my favourite fashion blogs open.

We as fashion lovers often have a lack of space to store all our jackets, suits, shirts and shoes. Well in the following picture you might find a nice solution to store your clothing and at the same time displaying them (showing off).

If you want to know more please click on the link of thestyleblogger and you are able to read more about the closet.

I hope you don't mind that I shared this on my blog.....

3D Michael Andrews suit

DB Flannel

I found this picture on the Style Blogger and I just wanetd to share it with you. Besides the very nice fabric, I have to admit that the suit fits him perfectly.

Friday, February 4, 2011


StefanoBi (the alternative to Santoni)

OK Santoni is nice, but to wear a different brand than other do is also nice. I found this picture of StefanoBi shoes on the The Italian Cut and I was very pleased to find a substitue for Santoni.

If you have experience with this brand, please share it with me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DB Pinstripe

Sorry, another pinstripe!

I just had to share this perfectly tailored DB pinstripe suit, it just makes you want to go to your own tailor and give him the picture and say; "I want the same suit"

Dandy or what?

Whow, is how I called this photo when I saved it. It was the first thing that came to my mind!

For those of you who regularly read my blog or have seen the pictures, can already guess that I love the combination of the colors. In addition to the color combination I think the shoes/loafers are a great match.

A few years back I had the same kind of loafers in my hand in order to buy them, but I didn't. If I see pictures like the one above I immediately regret it.

Imagine what an entrance one would make if you would enter a bar, club or on a Friday to the office....

Colors by Tommy

Tommy Hilfiger presented the trousers as shown above on the pitti.

I think it is a good and nice development to have more brands coming with all the different colors. The combinations one can make with the trousers above and the shoes below are endless.

Well, let's start combinating all the colors! If you have a colorfull combination you would like to share, please feel free to send it to me!

I will share my combinations in the near future as well.

Light summer blue DB

With all the recent posts on this blog and on others (see the links), I think it is safe to say; that the DB will continue in the summer.

I have recently bought my new summer DB from RL which I hopefully will be able to post this week.

Besides the DB jacket, I have noticed an increase in the amount of simular ties as shown on the picture above. Meaning the ties which have one symbol on them. I think I have to look for a few like that as well, I will keep you posted......

Summer 2011

Hi there,

please click on the below link and watch the video for some summer 2011 inspirations.....

Summer 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fox Flannel

I was thinking about a heavier flannel suit for next winter, so I was looking at some flannel. Fox Flannel probably makes the finest flannel in the world and they were kind enough to send some swatches. The handle is beautiful and the worsted flannel has a luxurious shine. I love it and will certainly use it for that project. But with summer closing in, I am looking for something lighter for my next project... I asked them if I can order some swatches of spring/summer fabrics. If those are as good as their flannel...


I really like this look.
We have seen this combination with the Cardigan earlier on in this blog. I doubt however, if the guy in the picture can still close his jacket.....

To my opinion, one should always be able to close his jacket. 
I found this look on today's tie. It reminded me on the DB jacket Lino (Lino's DB) was wearing. 

In this photo the man goes for a classic and college look which I actually quite like. When I was in Hong Kong I bought a patch of a local high school there, not only because I love Hong Kong and want to show that I have been there, but also because I like to college look.

The college look has featured in a lot of fashion shows and not to forget Gossip Girl and the fashionable man Chuck.

Besides the college look, I love the real summer colors and the slim fit. I will go to my tailer in a few weeks once the summer batches have arrived. 

I hope they have this color as well and as you are used to, I will off course post it if I have ordered something. 

Boggi Boggi

Boggi is one of my favourite shops. Probably you are familiar with the shop already, but for those of you who don't know it, it is definitely worth the visit.

It is a shame however, that the online shop of boggi doesn't sell the whole collection on-line.

If you are interested in Boggi, please click on the link and enjoy!