Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fox Flannel

I was thinking about a heavier flannel suit for next winter, so I was looking at some flannel. Fox Flannel probably makes the finest flannel in the world and they were kind enough to send some swatches. The handle is beautiful and the worsted flannel has a luxurious shine. I love it and will certainly use it for that project. But with summer closing in, I am looking for something lighter for my next project... I asked them if I can order some swatches of spring/summer fabrics. If those are as good as their flannel...


I really like this look.
We have seen this combination with the Cardigan earlier on in this blog. I doubt however, if the guy in the picture can still close his jacket.....

To my opinion, one should always be able to close his jacket. 
I found this look on today's tie. It reminded me on the DB jacket Lino (Lino's DB) was wearing. 

In this photo the man goes for a classic and college look which I actually quite like. When I was in Hong Kong I bought a patch of a local high school there, not only because I love Hong Kong and want to show that I have been there, but also because I like to college look.

The college look has featured in a lot of fashion shows and not to forget Gossip Girl and the fashionable man Chuck.

Besides the college look, I love the real summer colors and the slim fit. I will go to my tailer in a few weeks once the summer batches have arrived. 

I hope they have this color as well and as you are used to, I will off course post it if I have ordered something. 

Boggi Boggi

Boggi is one of my favourite shops. Probably you are familiar with the shop already, but for those of you who don't know it, it is definitely worth the visit.

It is a shame however, that the online shop of boggi doesn't sell the whole collection on-line.

If you are interested in Boggi, please click on the link and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tom Ford's DB

Again a nice slim DB suit, which proves that DB is a trend which continues. This add is from Tom Ford and I always like his combinations and the extremely slim fit.

Unfortunately Tom Ford is very expensive and too slim for my posture....

Grey Flannel from Men's Ex magazine...


I especially like the grey windowpane db suit in the middle.. Very nice indeed! I am afraid though the flannel and windowpane will make a guy look broader. It think the db suit would look great as well in the mid grey fabric of the suit on the left...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another way to wear a DB suit...

Lino's summer DB

Again of photo of Lino. I still think he has a big influence on how I dress, but also on other people. It is probably not without reason that the Schott Schuman posts so many photo's of him. Or maybe it's just a really nice guy.

When I look at this picture of Lino it makes me want to order the same summer blue DB jacket and drink some prosecco with my friends on a nice Italien terrace.

I think it is now safe to say that DB is back and you can wear it in any color you like. It is not old fashioned anymore, I think it is HOT!

The combination of light colors in the jacket and trousers with the contrasting shoes is smashing. If you would be even more outspoken you could match the tie with the same color of shoes for example. Or go for a pink jacket.

I hope that we now enter the last few weeks of cold weather and that I can take my seat in the new summer outfit on a terrace somewhere in Milano, I'll be sure to drop by Al Bazar. Hope Lino is not the jealous type, because I will be wearing a pink sportscoat!

I was just surfing the internet, looking for different pictures to show . how versatile the SB Navy jacket can be, when I came across Hope they won't mind me sharing it here as well... I must say, the jacket below might profit from some diamond weave bronze buttons...

The Blazer

Accompanying me yesterday was a friend who was interested in a blazer. I pointed him to an article I really enjoyed reading in The Rake magazine. I bought a copy in Hong Kong, for it is in my opinion one a delightful read on a long flight. Luckily for you, the article can be read online:

Sounds simple, procuring a blue blazer... Well, for some it might be, but my friend turned out to be quite the descerning dandy when it came to choosing the fabric. We didn't take any pictures, but the choice came down to two weaves (I used pictures from Scabal as examples): a nice s100 dark blue hopsack that could easlily be worn the year round and a very soft s120 light weight flannel with a very subtle gloss to it. Even though summer is approaching, he made the decision to go for the s120 flannel. Single breasted, side vents, two patch pockets, half-lined... Very nice and easy to dress up or dress down.

The one thing he couldn't decide on were buttons... Gold, silver, brass or horn. I pointed him to Waterburry and  Benson and Clegg. They offer a wide range of buttons, making his decision even harder.Personally I kind of like the civil war buttons, but it's these diamond weave bronze buttons that I think I like the most. I know he will enjoy his blazer. Putting in some effort and testing your patience always makes me enjoy a piece of clothing more.
Diamond Weave Bronze Button (#468)

Grey pin stripe double breasted Part 1

Yesterday I ordered my new grey pinstripe double breasted as shown here on the above pictures. The fabric is a super 110, which is good for the day to day work suit. Originally I was planning to "buy" a pair of trousers as shown in one of my recent posts the Congo Dandy. Unfortunately, the summer fabrics hadn't arrived yet...... so I decided to go for something else. 
The lead time is 8-9 weeks, so you will have to wait quite a bit for Part 2. However, I will be back with you in a few weeks when I will order my salmon pink Congo Dandy trouser.

Some say it looks like a gangster suit, well then I look like quit a fancy gangster!

Anyway I can't wait to wear it to the office and impress the shit out of everyone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Favorite Tweed

Above you can see one of the house tweeds of Huntsman. Does anyone know where I can buy such a tweed? Another pink jacket in the planning... But I still don't regret my recent order in Hong Kong. Probably I'm just anticipating looking dashing in a that jacket and wanting to continue with that look next winter...

I really love the proportions on this Huntsman coat, but at their price it would take a lot longer than a couple of seasons of planning ahead...

I'm open to any suggestions about where to buy tweeds online, because flying to Schotland for a couple of meters of tweed is too much (I have other trips planned...)

Hope to hear from you soon.


What a great BBC show on tweed, links are posted on

Makes me want to go to the Islands...

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Pink sport jacket part 1

The above picture is from and I think this a smashing color for a sportscoat. Personaly I wouldn't have chosen to wear it with a black shirt, but it does look very cool on this gentleman. Even though summer was almost over then, I decided I needed one for next summer...

As it turned out, finding it was kind of a challange, but the dandy pink jacket was still on my mind...

Two weeks ago I was in  Hong Kong and a tailor was recommended to me by a well dressed friend. To be honest I was/am always was a bit sceptic when it comes to tailored suits from Asia. However, I decided to at least visit the tailer and to inform about the options, price, lead time etc. when this smashing pink fabric caught my attention... Within five minutes the kind tailor was shouting notes to his assistant in Cantonese and I had a big smile on my face.

At the time I didn't have my camera with me, but pictures of the first fitting will follow ina couple of months.
I ordered the jacket with double split and plain white half lining on the inside. The anticipation about the end result is growing, but from other work I saw at the tailor I trust that it will turn out great. I really wanted this jacket for quite some time and somehow planning ahead my purchases a couple of seasons somehow is very satisfying. Like I know that if it takes a long time to get it I will enjoy the jacket more and longer...

To be continued...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pitti Uomo 2010

Almost right?

Tight, but nice. I would have liked a more classic look by having a pair of loafers.


Ideal when it is just a bit cold and you do want to sit outside...

Lino armed with a pussy magnet

Congo Dandy

I love the salmon pink trouser & the combination with the blazer.

The phenomenon of the African sapeurs

Dandies from the Congo. In the midst of war and abject poverty, these men dress in tailored suits, silk ties, and immaculate footwear.

Sartoria Ripense

Nice combination of the suit and the shoes, not a surprise if you know that the person in the picture is responsible for the MTM shoes at Sartoria Ripense.

On the edge

Lino style

In this picture all of Lino's famous details are shown. The handglove in the pocket of the overcoat, the semi open shoes, his color combination and his own collar. The collar can only be bought in Lino's store; Al Bazar.

Grandpa's double breasted

Attention to detail....

The lines continue on the arms & shoulders.

The Alpaca leaving the party

Fabio Borelli

The conservative suit of Fabio.

Sheep visiting the Row

A preview for the row on the new tweed.

The row continues

The taste of Savile Row

I hope you will enjoy the documentary of the row as much I did.

Dashing tweed

The homage to Mr. Fish.

The camel coat